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If you arrived here while navigating the Houston Webring, it may be because the previous ringmaster disbanded the webring without any consideration for the members of the webring or the internet public. Shame on them.
The webring needs to be rebuilt, and I have begun to take steps in that direction.
You might advise the previous site's webmaster that the webring code needs to be revised, and that instructions and other info are on this page (here)
Note for Members of the Original Ring:
Members of the original webring need to rejoin (go here)
You need to change all references to "site id" to reflect the new ID assigned by
You also need to change the portion that refers to the houston webring homepage from the prior homepage ("#!") to the new houston webring homepage ""
     Or you can simply paste the HTML fragment sent in your e-mail sent when you register with, replacing the old HTML fragment.
As this is being written (1330CST 11/9/98), is in the process of reconfiguring things, and it might take a day for things to work correctly. Thanks again to my predecessor.
Help neededI have accumulated a list of only 45 e-mail addresses of the original sites in the ring. (see list) if anyone has a complete list or can furnish a significant group of addresses, please send it to me.
Reconstruction Effort & Status Updates
go to this page to get on our mailing list and keep up with the status, progress and planning for the reconstruction of the webring. Once this is well underway, it will be converted to plans tor further expanxion.
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Sites with offensive material will not be added. You will be notified about your addition or not.
After your addition to the Houston Web Ring Queue you will receive an e-mail including the code you must add to your web page.
Ring sites that do not add the html code in their front page will be removed automatically, within 20-30 days.

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This Houston Webring site is owned by Robin Kelly.
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